Claude Nicollier Congress Center, Les Diablerets



Claude Nicollier Congress Center, Les Diablerets

Loco Cello

François Salque


Samuel Strouk


Jérémie Arranger

double bass


The group "Loco cello" (the crazy cello ) brings an unusual perspective on jazz, classical, tango and traditional music from Central Europe with astounding sound cascades punctuated by evocative folkloric explosions!

With more than forty records acclaimed by the French press and crowned with the highest awards, François Salque is today a reference. His charisma, sensitivity and breathtaking virtuosity have led him to perform in more than 70 countries.

As for Samuel Strouk, his versatility allows him to approach manyfold musical languages with ease and he has also collaborated with the greatest orchestras in Europe. These two creators will be supported by the bewitching groove of the jazzman Jérémie Arranger!

“ Simply phenomenal ” as cited by the magazine Citizen Jazz "An extraordinary energy " “ Fantasy and freedom. Glorious sound and total mastery… A Salque with a phrasing of grate intensity and expression » as cited by the magazine Diapason